Apollo is aimed solely at the emerging generation of translational researchers i.e. medical students, PhD students and early career researchers. Apollo provides its members with the intellectual environment and skills required to identify important problems in translational research and develop solutions to those problems. Apollo is also a forum to critically evaluate, debate, and discuss current, real-world topics in translational medicine.

Application procedure

Applications are currently open to join Apollo London. Please find the application form here.

If you have any questions regarding the application procedure, please see below or contact us at apollo@ucl.ac.uk.



In order to qualify for Apollo London, applicants are medical or post graduate students, or early career researchers with clinical or non-clinical background, at University College London. We are looking for members from all research fields who have a passion for translational medicine. We want our members to be a group of diverse individuals who stand out by means of their personality, work ethic and research experiences.


Expectations from our members

Apollo London is an open society who is looking for enthusiastic and committed members that demonstrate an interest in the field of translational medicine. We expect members to make an effort to attend monthly meetings and contribute to interactive discussions. Members will be required to work in a small team to organise and chair one Apollo meeting a year with support of the executive board.

Unsure about joining and would like to have a “taster”? You are welcome to join us at one of our monthly meetings starting in October 2018. Please get in touch (apollo@ucl.ac.uk) to let us know you’ll be coming along!


What to expect from Apollo

Active members will be able to attend all Apollo London open and closed meetings, giving exclusive opportunities to attend lectures and workshops with experts in translational medicine. Meetings will give members exposure to varied topics within translational medicine as well as giving opportunities to gain skills such as debate, leadership and discussion.

Members will also have opportunities to apply for scholarships to attend the Utrecht Translational Medicine summer school. These scholarships are only available to students who are from an institution that is part the Eureka Institute network or students who table part in the Apollo network. Members later in their careers, such as post-doctoral researchers, can obtain guidance for applying to the Eureka Institute Certificate Course in Siracusa, Sicily.